The ihiji crew is excited to get back out on the road to attend the Azione Unlimited Spring Conference next week from March 17-19 in Nashville. We have found this group of consumer electronics manufacturers and like-minded integrators of audio-visual, automation and security systems to be in perfect alignment with the great customers we have worked with over the years. It will be great to hear the leading-edge topics presented by the nation’s  most progressive integrators. Home networks are rapidly becoming the true backbone upon which the modern home’s device infrastructure is built and creature comforts derived, so we know there will be plenty to talk about.

It's also nice when our existing ihiji customers come up to meet us face-to-face to hear to tell us how they have been able to save operational and support costs and even make some recurring revenue, using our remote management tools.

We’re looking forward to chatting with integrators who are just starting to interact with the network as part of their automation, home cinema and security designs and device installations. It is always nice to be able to present them with such a great solution. It’s also nice when our existing ihiji customers come up to meet us face-to-face to hear to tell us how they have been able to save operational and support costs and even make some recurring revenue, using our remote management tools.

If you are planning on being in Nashville at the conference, we’d love to set aside some time to talk.

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