How do you manage firmware? Here is a not so uncommon problem when it comes to keeping the latest, greatest and safest hardware installed within your client’s projects. This is an article pointing out how Fortinet recently identified a secret SSH backdoor within its hardware. Do you know which client sites currently use the networking products which may be exposed? A similar scenario recently called out Juniper firewall products for a backdoor in one of its

This year’s CEDIA trade show in Dallas was Ihiji’s biggest show ever and we had a lot of fun meeting a huge number of integrators who were either currently using or interested in implementing our software as a service (SaaS) and remote network management tools, in order to begin generating or increase recurring monthly revenue for their business. Ihiji ServiceManager launched and recognised as best in category at CEDIA 2015

Each year, we send a short survey to our customers. How are we doing? What new features would you like to see? What else can we do to help you to run your technology integration business? It is a very important part of our business because it helps us to better understand your business. First of all, we’d like to tell our customers, “Thank You”. Once again we received a great response with plenty of