We are often asked about what is acceptable network performance and what can be done to improve things when performance is sub-par. The unfortunate answer is that there is not a Silver Bullet to all network issues but armed with enough knowledge and Lead Bullets you can make your customers’ networks hum. “Netflix recommends 25 Mbps per stream in order to get 4K HDR quality video.  This means that with

We are asked by customers regularly about what is acceptable network performance and what can be done to improve things when performance is sub-par. The unfortunate answer is that there will not be able to offer you a Silver Bullet to all network issues. Instead, lets start by understanding latency a bit better. “Netflix recommends 3.0 Mbps in order to get DVD quality video (1.5Mbps is the minimum recommended).  This

Not to toot our own horn, but when it comes to remote technology management, we are kind of a big thing. 😉 Since 2009, we have been bringing award winning tools to enable integrators to monitor, diagnose and resolve client device issues. We know for a lot of  integrators out there, remote support of a piece of hardware in the field, is still a bit foreign. Not to worry, Ihiji has

Each year, we send a short survey to our customers. How are we doing? What new features would you like to see? What else can we do to help you to run your technology integration business? It is a very important part of our business because it helps us to better understand your business. First of all, we’d like to tell our customers, “Thank You”. Once again we received a great response with plenty of

In a recent survey many of our vendors have talked about the fact that Ihiji has saved them from rolling many a truck to a problem site. This benefits are obvious when a client is in a remote location but what about just a run-of-the-mill truck roll? How much do those actually cost? Let’s consider that most integrators are passionate about taking care of their customers and many offer a

More often than not you will find that your customers haven’t touched their home network setup since they first installed it. This set-it-and-forget-it mindset can result in a slew of network problems, especially when unexpected events happen leaving you or your technicians to pinpoint the problem when they call asking for help. So here are the most common home networking mistakes everyday consumers tend to make, and how you can

Join us for CEDIA Expo training sessions instructed by Mike Maniscalco! Secure Remote Network Access, Advanced Networking, Client Care Plans and, of course, Beer and Pretzels. Mike Maniscalco, Founder of Ihiji (Booth #4938), will be delivering several technical training courses and workshops for integrators at the CEDIA Expo in Dallas from October 14th-17th. The CEDIA expo offers an amazing chance to cram A LOT of training into a couple of

We’ve all seen it before, a friend or relative with a fancy entertainment system that barely works. Their devices won’t connect, the audio drops out randomly, and streaming takes so long you actually start half-wishing for the days of Blockbuster movies again. More often than not the faulty system can be attributed to the fact that the prior integrator didn’t feel comfortable enough with network integration to offer the client

When you have ihiji connected at 4 or 5 of your installations you might find yourself wondering what you’ve got yourself into. Yes, you want to be notified when a device on the network falls offline but you soon realize you can confidently do without many of the notifications. They not only clutter your inbox, they’re cluttering your mind. You may need Notification Zen.With Notification Zen, if a recovery is detected