Proactive annual service plans can now be offered for as little as a few hundred dollars per year

Austin, TX – June 16, 2013 – ihiji, creator of the award winning invision remote monitoring and management solution, is announcing the launch of a new Client Care Plan today. A package of templates which provide dealers a complete roadmap for the successful creation and sale of service contracts, the Client Care Program is a turnkey guide complete with step-by-step instructions, pricing calculators, customer facing collateral, sales training and more. This highly valuable program allows dealers to quickly and effortlessly offer service contracts or annual preventative maintenance programs to their clients.

Essentially a proactive and preventative maintenance agreement, the Client Care Plan results in higher customer satisfaction, more reliable systems, and a much sought after recurring revenue stream.

By utilizing the ihiji package, a dealer will have all the necessary components to offer annual preventative maintenance agreements that require very little time or internal resources to be dedicated to the project. This immediately delivers a host of complementary services and a predictable stream of recurring revenue to the dealer’s business.

“Remote monitoring and management services that also include preventative maintenance and remote reboot capabilities are a great way to improve operational efficiency and service profitability,” stated Michael Maniscalco, ihiji VP of Technology. “By implementing our new Client Care Plan, dealers are able to finally monetize these services, which to date has been the missing link. In fact, more dealers are starting to think about exit-planning and there is no denying that recurring revenue is key to increasing the value of their business.”

ihiji’s Client Care Plan was designed to ultimately fit any job large or small. Carefully developed and fully vetted by a select group of dealers, ihiji also studied industry trends which show a dealer’s current median installation prices between $10,000 – $12,000. As such, these dealers can now offer proactive services to many of their clients for as little as a few hundred dollars a year yet also have a more comprehensive offering for larger installations.

As part of the research done while developing the new program, ihiji has found that dealers who are successfully selling Client Care Plans have three things in common: they have made a commitment to offer the services required, they followed a systematic approach to setting up and customizing the Plan, and then have diligently executed it. The Client Care Plan helps dealers who aren’t currently offering these services to quickly and easily follow the same path as their successful peers.

“As a growing integration firm, we had been searching for an all-inclusive remote management system that would allow our service department to be proactive versus reactive. Since we implemented ihiji’s Client Care Program, our level of service increased and has eliminated more than 50% of our service calls, and for this reason every system we design henceforth will have ihiji invision installed,” stated Greg Biehl, President of Innovative Lifestyles in Naples, FL. “ihiji’s new Client Care Plans have provided everything we need to implement a recurring revenue and service model with ease, which has been crucial for us to grow our business and raise our overall level of service.”

ihiji’s Client Care Plan is the result of many years of dealer feedback and discussions accompanied by months of one-on-one work with dozens of dealers. While its value is estimated at over $30,000 and is available for purchase for $5,000, the kit will be free to all ihiji direct dealers. Additionally, much of the information will be delivered to CEDIA members through CEDIA Education course ESCR094 “Why Client Care Plans (Service Contracts) Are Important For Recurring Revenue” during CEDIA Expo 2013.

A free webinar outlining the new Client Care Plan is scheduled on June 19th at 11am CT. Those interested in learning more about this exciting new program are encouraged to register to attend the webinar by following this link: More information can also be obtained by calling (512) 538-0520, visiting, or by writing to

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