As an Ihiji dealer, you are well aware of the importance remote management and monitoring plays in managing your connected-home customer base. We agree 100%, which is why we are excited to announce the acquisition of Ihiji, and all intellectual property and key operating assets, by Control4 Corporation.

We will be working with the Control4 networking group to integrate Invision and BakPak into one unified platform and service—expanding monitoring and management capabilities for all our dealers. The new, combined solution will deliver a comprehensive view of every home and customer to enable dealerships to monitor, assess, remediate, and track performance concerns associated with their customers’ homes. Full press release here.

Business continues for ALL Ihiji dealers

You and all of your Invision deployments will continue to receive support, and we encourage you to continue utilizing and installing Invision into every project. For technical support on Ihiji products, please contact Pakedge Technical Support at 866-725-2162 or

Our joint team is already working together to provide additional support and to develop the unified cloud-based service platform, which will be made available in phases to all Ihiji and Control4 Dealers later in the year.

The over 2,000 third-party integrations already supported within Invision will continue to function as they have, and over time we intend to expand that list of supported third-party, connected-home products while also developing deeper integration with Control4 automation and Pakedge networking products.

Our shared goal is to develop a single, integrated monitoring experience that provides all dealers with complete visibility and control throughout the connected home for projects of every size. You can expect to hear from us later in the year as we begin to roll out phases of the integrated solution, which will be made available through cloud software updates and remotely triggered device firmware upgrades.

The end of license and subscription fees

Beginning today, Control4 is eliminating separate license and recurring subscription fees for Invision. We are deeply committed to enabling all dealers with improved efficiency through remote monitoring and management, and by removing recurring licensing fees we are lowering the business complexity and total cost to our dealers—unlocking the use of Invision for even more projects.

Currently deployed customers monitored by Invision will continue to operate and be supported without additional license fees or recurring subscriptions.

New installations including the Ihiji APP-750 Monitoring Appliance also include remote management and monitoring through Invision without recurring subscription fees.

How do I order the Ihiji APP-750 Monitoring Appliance?

Beginning today, Control4 will be providing the previously named Ihiji APP-750 Invision Appliance under the new moniker, the Pakedge NX-1 Invision Appliance. The NX-1 is now available for order on all Control4 Dealer Portals (,, and

If you currently order Control4 or Pakedge products via their online portals, the Pakedge NX-1 is now available on the Dealer Portal you use today.

If you have never purchased from Control4 or Pakedge, we will be providing you with a new Pakedge Dealer Portal account, where you can order the Pakedge NX-1. In a separate email sent later today, you’ll be receiving your new login credentials to access the Pakedge Dealer Portal, where you can order all Pakedge products, access the Support Knowledgebase, and sign up for the Pakedge Certified Network Administrator (PCNA) online training program.

Control4 is committed to all channel partners and stands ready to support your business needs now and moving forward. We have a Direct Sales team, along with technical field managers to help you through the sales, installation, and support processes. Over the next couple of days, we will be reaching out to introduce you to new sales resources, including the Area Sales Managers, who can help you with any questions you might have.

What’s next?

  • If you’re using Ihiji today, continue to add Ihiji monitoring to all of your projects. Beginning today, homes monitored by Invision no longer require a separate, recurring subscription. The monitoring service capability is now included with each purchase of the Ihiji APP-750, now rebranded as the Pakedge NX-1 Invision Appliance.
  • New, simplified pricing makes it easier to add Ihiji monitoring to every project. A separate monthly or annual Invision license purchase is no longer required. The NX-1 is now the same price you would have paid for the hardware and a one-year Invision subscription prior to the acquisition. Pricing and details are available on the Dealer Portal.
  • The NX-1 Invision Appliance is now available on the Control4, Pakedge, and Triad Dealer Portals. If you don’t currently have an account on one of the above portals, we will provide you with a new dealer account on the Pakedge Dealer Portal, where you may purchase the NX-1 Invision Appliance and the complete line of Pakedge networking products. An email with instructions for transitioning from the Ihiji store to the Pakedge Portal will follow this email today. If you do not see the email, please check your spam or junk folders.
  • The NX-1 requires an active Invision account in order to monitor and manage customers’ homes. If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it online at
  • All existing Invision monitoring installations will automatically be converted to a license that does not require a recurring fee, and no action is required on your part to transition individual projects. For sites that have expired (either by the dealer or by Ihiji), simply log in to Invision and select the “Control4 – Unlimited” license for each site you wish to re-activate. Even if you have allowed all sites to expire, you can start using them once again without purchasing a new license.
  • Control4 is committed to broad third-party integration and interoperability. Control4 will continue to support and intends to expand monitoring and management for a long list of connected-home devices. Ihiji currently supports over 2,000 products, and we will continue to offer those integrations from manufacturers including SnapAV (Araknis, WattBox), Luxul, and Middle Atlantic, as well as other control systems.
  • With Ihiji joining Control4, you now have access to the expanded resources Control4 provides to all dealers, including sales, technical field managers, technical support, and training. You will continue to have direct access to online technical support and recorded webinars through Invision and Service Manager.
  • If you wish to become a Control4 automation dealer and have access to all their automation products—as well as thousands of partner products—please visit, or reach out to your sales manager for more details.
  • If you’re using BakPak today, you can continue to add BakPak to your projects. As we combine these platforms, your projects will be upgraded to the unified service. If you don’t currently use BakPak, we recommend you continue using Ihiji for monitoring and management until we combine both platforms later this year.
  • If you do not have an Ihiji account today, be patient while we combine Invision and BakPak into a new, more comprehensive platform. New dealership account creation for Invision and Service Manager has been suspended during this transition period. If you would like to get started right away, we recommend you begin with BakPak. Your BakPak-monitored homes will be automatically upgraded when the new unified platform is available.

For technical support on Ihiji products, please contact Pakedge Technical Support at 866-725-2162 or

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