This is a summary of a full ihiji white paper on that is complete with an excel network templates so you apply different levels of ihiji invision to each of the packages and create your own managed network offering. Request a copy of this white paper today!

If you were at the 2012 CEDIA Expo the ‘Own the Network, Own the Home’ tagline could not be missed. ihiji has been promoting this concept for years because it is a huge opportunity and also a key requirement for the survival of electronics systems contractors. If you’re selling SMB-Enterprise grade networks then you’ve already begun to realize this opportunity and are engineering your business for future success.

Many integrators have built their business on excellent customer service and have a one-of-a-kind relationship with many of your clients, as you’ve taken care of their AV technology needs over the years. Recently the network has increased in performance and become the central communications system for a home or business. Using the customer relationship and the power of the network we can easily find a new opportunity to improve customer service and that relationship to new levels. This can be accomplished by combining remote network monitoring and support with your network packages for further ownership and a new recurring revenue service offering.

The transition to selling SMB-Enterprise networks clients was probably not an easy transition for your business. It was a very new solution for the company from a technical and sales perspective. However, you determined that it was required for future success, made the commitment to these new systems and are now offering the packages to your clients. Now that you’ve done the hard work it is not difficult to begin selling ihiji’s invision Network Management tool as part of these existing packages. The client has been sold on the value of a good network, one of which is reliability and visibility, now you can simply add remote monitoring and support to this package.

Thanks to the hard work of the IT companies, many of your current clients have been educated on the need for remote monitoring and support solutions. Most clients know their IT staff supports them with remote tools and have experience at being assisted with them. Corporate IT uses these tools to monitor storage, user licenses, antivirus status, backups, security audits and application management for deployments and upgrades. They’ve done all of this hard work on education and your client now knows these tools exists. This means the sale of ihiji invision within your network package becomes a more natural and valuable pitch to the client.

What’s more, the cost to add a remote network monitoring and support solution to the network package is minimal. It also adds a great amount of value to the network package because SMB-Enterprise grade equipment provides the best visibility for remote monitoring and support – this simply reinforces your pitch on better networks to the client! Remote management is the key to ownership of your network because you’ll have increased visibility, real-time alerts and the power to speak to your customers with control of the situation and complete authority.

It is a powerful and inexpensive approach to remote monitoring and support which can provide you a new and profitable recurring revenue service. Ultimately, there is also an opportunity to wrap all of this into a service contract package and offer more value add services. Sell the value of a combined solid network solution with the required remote monitoring and support and you’ll find that if you position yourselves as a confident expert the customer will appreciate your knowledge. You’re doing the right thing for your business, your systems and your customers – it’s clearly a win-win!

ihiji has written a full white paper on this topic complete with excel network templates so you apply different levels of ihiji invision to each of the packages and create your own managed network offering. Request a copy of this white paper today!

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