How the IoT will hit the typical workplace

Ihiji Co-founder and CEO, Stuart Rench had a busy CES last week participating on two separate IoT panels during the show. This particular group was put on by Dell and was called, The Internet of Work Things. Discussing topics related to how the IoT is going to impact typical office and industrial applications, it was clear that the IoT is going to be a major factor on both the residential, commercial and industrial segments. Although the “arrival” of the IoT was officially claimed at this year’s CES, Ihiji has been involved in helping integrators of IP-enabled devices with lowering their support costs, since 2009, long before the Internet of Things was such a household term.Dell_IOT_panel_at_CES

While consumers are trying out a dazzling array of products for fitness and smart homes, Internet of Things is transforming the workplace as well.
At this panel, Dell, along with its partners, discussed how the latest IoT products and solutions will make the workplace a smart, efficient  and fun place for modern workers. IoT is changing our work landscape, are you ready for that?

Keith Robinson, moderator, Senior Strategist & Consultant

Stuart Rench, CEO, Ihiji

Head of M2M/IoT, Compass Intelligence

Bryan Bilgore, President, Sensorium AVR

Kristin Billhardt, Director, IoT Marketing, @Dell

Jason Shepherd, Director, IoT Strategy and Partnerships, @Dell

Beau Trincia, VP Product and Design, Building Robotics


In related news, Dell was also just named by Compass Intelligence as their IoT Customer Enhancement Company of the Year for the new edge gateway. You can read more on this award on the Dell site.

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