That’s right, ihiji, the company who created the Client Care Plan and CEDIA Service Contract courses just said DO NOT SELL SERVICE CONTRACTS!

It is difficult selling a service contract, this is something we know. Clients shy when they see the word “contract” given the negative connotation associated with it. Our new recommendation is that you begin presenting it as a Client Care Plan. This eases your customers into the idea and gives you an opportunity to talk to them about the value and importance of ongoing service.

The value and benefit of the services offered in a Client Care Plan may be clear to you as a dealer but may not be clear to your customer. We also know that creating a Client Care Plan isn’t easy. Taking a structured approach to both creating and selling these packages is the most effective and successful way to find success. Through years of research, feedback, and experimenting, we developed a new step-by-step guide to selling Client Care Plans which includes everything you need to get started.

One of the resources we supply is a service worksheet and calculator. What we recommend is that you offer Basic, Standard, and Preferred service packages for your customer. The service worksheet lists the services and their cost, you can decide what to include in your service packages. Also provided is a sales sheet that gives an overview of what your customer can expect in their Client Care Plan. This articulates the features and benefits (of the Client Care Plan), lists the devices that make up your system, and visually displays the device connections that show the complexity of the Client Care Plan.

It is important to be honest with your customer and let them know that there are no guarantees. No matter how much preparation and precaution is taken, things happen. For example, who would have thought that the Super Bowl – the most widely viewed event in North America with 100 million viewers – that there would be a 34 minute blackout at the start of the second half. When it comes to electronics and automation, there are no guarantees. A Client Care Plan ensures what when things do happen that the client is taken care of as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Finally, preparation is key. Training and thorough knowledge of your Client Care Plan is pertinent to the success of your sale. It is important that your customer understands that it’s not only a feature for remote monitoring management but also a preventative measure plan. With research, feedback, and experimenting, we developed a step-by-step guide that takes you through the process in further detail and walks with you through each of the materials I mentioned above. If your customer has a question, we want you to have the answer.

At the end of the day you need to stop selling service contracts but focus on generating recurring revenue with regular preventative maintenance and proactive service. Creating and selling Client Care Plans are the easiest approach!

Interested in learning more about ihiji’s Client Care Plan templates? Request more information or check out this press release for more information.

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