The construction for a new complex for a new apartment complex, Aspen Heights Apartments, has taken place right next to the downtown Austin office of Ihiji. The 22-story complex, announced in April of 2014, will consist of luxury residential apartments, and will include amenities such as a rooftop pool, gym and a dog park. The project was designed by Rhode Partners, who have worked on other projects in Austin as well. When you are down on West 6th street, look North to see Aspen Heights being added to the Austin skyline. The Ihiji office is right behind it. IMG_8512


The team enjoys watching our city evolve all around us as one of the fastest growing cities in the country and this new neighbor is just another testament. As we got a unique chance to see the daily development of this new property from just a hole in the ground, to a 22-story building, we have been diligently snapping some timelapse pics of the whole thing. We will be sure to get that online once they have wrapped up construction.

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