Ihiji is proud to announce Evan Marty joining as Customer Success Sherpa

Our team is especially excited because Evan has been a loyal (and very successful) Ihiji dealer with decades of industry experience. Ihiji CEO, Stuart Rench says that Evan Marty is “uniquely qualified to guide our customers toward a business model that focuses on service contracts as a means of recurring monthly revenue.”

Not only has Evan been an Ihiji dealer for years, but he holds one of rare titles as one our first users.  “I was one of the world’s first five users of the Ihiji appliance and Ihiji invision solution,” says Marty proudly. “I quickly became one of the most vocal evangelists for the brand, and I’m excited to bring that passion and knowledge to the organization, where I can actively help dealers reduce costly truck rolls and realize increased profits through service contracts.” Now, Evan will hold yet another rare title as our Customer Success Sherpa.

Our current dealers will be excited to hear that Evan will be focusing on nurturing our key dealers and working with them personally to develop and expand their recurring monthly revenue streams through our software-as-a-service(SaaS) solutions. This has been something that our dealers have been asking for so we’re proud to be fulfilling that request with the best person available for the job.

Despite Evan just joining the Ihiji Team he’s already busy! Just last week he was at Ihiji’s new Austin downtown headquarters and now is in attendance at this this week’s Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) Fall Conference in Chicago, Illinois. If you see Evan at the conference, be sure to say hi and congrats!

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