On Monday, a motion control software and hardware company called Leap Motion, released their first product called the Leap Motion Controller. It allows users to control their computer with hand gestures. Inside the small 0.5 by 1.2 by 3-inch USB-shaped controller are two infrared cameras and 3 LEDs that will detect motion two feet above the controller, 2 feet out either flank, and 2 feet in depth. With its own app store called AirSpace, it offers 75 apps built by developers in more than 20 countries varying from music tools, operational tutorials, and games.

I haven’t tried it myself, but I’ve been reading multiple reviews both praising and complaining about the highly-anticipated Controller. Some see the potential it can bring, fulfilling the company’s desire to “make technology work the way real life works…mak[ing] life a lot better.” Others who have been receiving their products have run into problems where the controller was faulty with registering the motions but Leap Motion has provided a support page with tutorials. It first made its debut at SXSW Interactive earlier this year and is expected to be available at Best Buy on July 28. Mike told me that he got to play Fruit Ninja with the Leap Motion Controller at SXSW, I’m jealous. I’m hoping that Leap Motion reads this and sends one to the office (anyone?).

Right now, the controller is seen as product for early adopters and is primarily used for games, but Leap Motion hopes to broaden the spectrum adding education, 3D modeling, engineering, etc. Reading through some comments, a user hopes that they will be able to use this on Photoshop and replace their tablet. That comment brings a great insight though: will this replace the tablet?

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