Future Friday (def): The future is ________. Future Friday will be a recurring theme apart of ihiji’s blog. We want to start a conversation, what do you think the future holds for software and technology? What technology out there could use improvement? Let’s talk.

Hello everyone, my name is Thu and I’m the Marketing Communications intern at ihiji. It’s my ninth day here and I am very out of my element. If you have a question about food, music, or Austin adventures – I’m your girl. When it comes to networking systems or software, I’m still learning. I had to look up “BYOD” the other day, which if you don’t already know, means “Bring Your Own Device.” As you read above, Future Friday will be a recurring theme apart of this blog. It was my idea. I think the future is fascinating and talking about what’s next is exciting. I just wanted to introduce myself so you could a feel for who’s writing these blog posts. Please feel free and leave feedback and suggestions, I want to hear from you and what you think is next.

I recently ran across this concept called “The Internet of Things” from ReadWrite. Everyday our world is becoming increasingly more connected. Your phone is linked to your computer, your tablet is linked to your house, your car is linked to your Facebook account, etc. Everything electronic is becoming smarter. Products that you use have the capability to become customizable and it’s incredible. The concept of the “Internet of Things” theorizes that your everyday appliances (i.e. a toaster or coffee maker) will have the ability to be more efficient and more tailored to your needs. The potential of the “internet of things” could possibly change your life at home, at work, and even on the road. Having the ability to gather real-time data and analytics from any device with an IP address connected to Wi-Fi. This would give manufacturers and service providers a more immediate way to respond to problems customers are finding in their products and services. With a simple and hopefully one-time setup, gadgets around your home or work could be connected like your lights, garage, smartphone and computer. The goal is efficiency and optimization.

But an idea as big as the “internet of things”, it’s obvious that there will be roadblocks standing in the way of universal cross-communicating smart devices. The challenges brought up in this article range from lack of incentive to the difference in language barrier across devices to concerns over privacy and security. Sharing data may seem unappealing to customers and companies if there is no confidence in a high return of value. Additionally, managing the increase in connectivity between these devices presents a challenge; for both customers and techies, it is ideal to get everything done better, faster, and cheaper. Luckily, ihiji is here to help! The “internet of things” has a lot of potential to make roads safer, businesses run smoother, and our lives more efficient, what do you think the “internet of things” will do for your life? Let me know what you think!

To infinity and beyond!

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