The world’s first Wearable Technology Expo happened just a couple of weeks ago in NYC. Yeah, wearable technology expos are going to be a thing now, can you believe it? Companies debuted their products, ideas, and plans for the future of the potential $4B industry. The ‘wearables’ industry will open doors for application developers, healthcare professionals, and even fashion executives. Here are a couple of examples of ‘wearables’ from the expo and things I’ve discovered when researching:

1. Sensoria Fitness and their product, Smart Sock Fitness Tracker

  • While wearing the socks, data is transmitted to external devices to help runners reach their goals
  • Helps to reach goals and reduce injury
  • Non-runners can also use Smart Socks

2. Misfit Wearables and their product, Shine

  • Wearable computing product
  • Inspires users to become more active and encourage people to set goals for how much they want to move

3. Vuzix and their product, M100 Smart Glasses

  • “Intelligent Hands-Free Display for Smartphones”
  • HD video and photo capability
  • Can run GPS and regular phone applications like text, email, audio, etc

4. Pebble and their product, E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android

  • Customizable watch faces
  • From running to golfing, there are applications to measure progress
  • Notifications, caller ID, email, calendar, etc capabilities

Imagine this: You wake up, put on your wearable device and while you’re getting ready for work, your calendar for the day is displayed right in front of you. Or a checklist of things you need to bring on your work trip. Your schedule is connected to your coffee maker and so when you get down stairs, coffee is already in the pot, ready for you to grab and go. Your office is also connected to your wearable device so it reads the temperature for the day and sets the A/C in the office at a comfortable temperature. You go about your day, checking your email, texts, your grocery list, and look at your exercise goals – all through your wearable. Check out this video from ‘Revolv’, they turn this scenario into reality, it’s awesome.

With these technologies so close to us physically and quite intimately, this creates an opportunity for companies to collect specific data, customize and improve their services, and ultimately use the data to generate revenue. People talking about this new technology industry theorize that this will better personal and corporate productivity. But what about the smartphone? That’s sort of a wearable technology. And sure, I use it to set my alarms and reminders, but I also use it to peruse Instagram when I’m hitting a writer’s block and scroll through my endless Twitter-roll. Is that productive? Personally, I do not foresee myself wearing any wearables aside from my classic one-function watch, but maybe 3 years from now, I will be a Pebble owner. Who knows? Only time.

Wearable Technology

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