There are products—like TVs, AV receivers, and speakers—that are easy to sell, easy to understand, and pretty easy to understand when specs change. Then there are products created to improve the world of the custom installer. These products give back only what you put into them. They require training to fully understand their benefits and knowledge to implement. If you are willing to put forth such effort, you will cover yourself and your client more fully, and if you are especially talented, you will find the golden ticket to recurring revenue.

One perfect example is a company called ihiji—a network and software system that allows you to connect, diagnose, a resolve issues for your clients. It consists of a small piece of hardware, called the “appliance,” that you bring to a client’s home and connect to their network, preferably to the router. This device, about the size of your fist, only requires power and a network connection. That is the install—all done, in about five minutes. Through the appliance, you can now remotely monitor the home and all the connected devices on the network, with no port forwarding and no VPN. As ihiji puts it, it is your “secure gateway in the cloud.”

Kicking it up one more notch, ihiji wants to teach you how to sell recurring revenue via its Client Care Program. For no additional fee, this package of templates provides dealers a complete road map for the successful creation and sale of service contracts. A turnkey guide complete with step-by-step instructions, pricing calculators, customer facing collateral, sales training and more, ihiji’s new Client Care Program allows dealers to offer service contracts, or annual preventative maintenance programs, to their clients.

At this point my company does not offer service contracts, and yet I fully understand how important they are. They are harder to implement than to talk about and must be well thought out, and there are only so many hours in the day to get such a program up and running.

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Article Published By Heather Sidorowicz on Residential Systems on Ocotober 2,2014

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