capital factoryLast week, Ihiji had the pleasure of sponsoring a meeting of the Austin Web Python User Group (AWPUG) at the Capital Factory office in downtown Austin. Our dev and management team have represented at a number of these over the years and it has been a great source of some pretty talented…well, talent. Seeing that we hire only the best of the best, it has been a great place for us to meet new developers and engineers.

This meeting featured Kyle Rockman, who presented his Django-Alexa library that allows for the integration of Django projects with the Alexa Skills Kit for Amazon Echo. Alexa for Amazon is like Siri for the iPhone. Rockman’s demonstration was of a program he created which provides for the creation and implementation of personalized voice commands for Alexa. These commands can be designed to be cohesive with your web platform. Rockman’s program also makes it easier to interact with Alexa through Python.PersonOnComputer-InvisionScreenshot


We provided the perfect dinner combination for the evening: Chick-fil-A and great IPA. The beer we brought, Best Coast IPA, was from a local craft brewpub called Pinthouse Pizza. With this, we gave AWPUG an insight into who we are as a company and as people. Many of the Ihiji team hold a great appreciate for a good beer and a great time, and this appreciation matches our fascination for the Internet of Things (IoT) and remote network monitoring.

Ihiji sponsors these meetings to meet new Python coders and new faces in the technical industry, as we are always looking to strengthen our development team with new Python coders. We had a great time with AWPUG doing what we love.


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