So, here I am… sitting at my desk, writing this on my laptop, connected to the world via a wireless network, using Google docs, listening to Internet radio, taking phone calls on a Voice over IP (VOIP) phone, and essentially living in a state of complete connectivity. Unbelievably, this level of connectivity (while perhaps excessive for some) will soon mimic that of your typical client. It is already happening and will quickly become the new normal.

You see, the home of the future is destined to be fully connected. We’re already seeing it happen with smart appliances, which are entering the mainstream market as we speak. Society will rely on this constant connectivity more and more, and companies just like yours will be necessary to maintain all of the pieces and parts that ultimately make up the home network. In case you are wondering, this spells nothing but opportunity. However, you, the electronics systems integrator, must ensure that your IPIQ is up to par so that you can properly manage your client’s needs, now and into the future.

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