Mike Maniscalco, one of the founders of Ihiji, received a feature in the Azione Unlimited newsletter , discussing the most common problems that integrators and dealers run into when it comes to support services.  For those who are unfamiliar with Azione Unlimited, they are a CE retail and custom integration technology group centered around promoting business between dealers, vendors and integrators alike. We are very pleased that they enlisted the help of Ihiji in aiding the integration industry.

How can you help support your clients and better your business?

Among Maniscalco’s tips was advice on documentation. The absence of adequate documentation can lead to difficulties in setting up any sort of remote network management. Billing invoices were also mentioned; Maniscalco referred to them as a “resource intensive chores”. But because more and more dealers are moving toward a system of recurring monthly revenue (RMR), monthly invoices have become a necessity.ticket-landing-1

Maniscalco also emphasized the need for and benefits of ticket tracking. Ticketing makes supporting clients infinitely easier by keeping a clear records of an services or troubleshooting provided for each individual service provided, because there is documentation for all of it. It is a way to make sure that there is no gap in or lack of information. About ticketing, Maniscalco says:

Keeping all of this well documented and accessible to any support technician who requires it is the key to delivering the most amazing customer experience possible. It’s what brings clients back to you and it is what inspires them to refer new clients your way.

Check out Azione’s upcoming show from April 15-17 in Arizona, and take a look at how Ihiji can help dealers to efficiently support their clients with Ihiji ServiceManager.

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