At CEDIA Expo 2016 we announced some big changes to our pricing to allow dealers to take advantage of Invision across their entire customer base. You can read the original release here.

We’re pleased to announce that an updated version of Invision is now available which fully supports this announcement.  This new release provides support for Lite sites, as well as an updated look for the Dashboard.

Sites with Lite service do not count towards your company’s monthly subscription price and allow for reboot actions, internet uptime monitoring and internet speed testing.  A site with Standard service allows for full device monitoring, alerting and remote access with ConnectNinja.

There are a number of advantages to using Lite service:

  • As part of your company’s Invision subscription you can use Lite service across ALL of your clients for NO additional monthly fee.
  • Unlimited reboots of PDU, UPS and PoE devices are included. You can manage ALL of your power devices, regardless of manufacturer, from within Ihiji Invision for no additional monthly fee.
  • Consolidate remote management Apps so that you only need to manage technician access from within one solution.
  • Consolidate remote management Apps so that your technicians only need to be trained to use one application for all remote support.
  • WAN Performance and Limited Network Scanning is supported for no additional monthly fee.
  • Internet uptime and DNS monitoring is included for no additional monthly fee.
  • The Ihiji Invision Apple and Android Mobile App can be used with Lite service.

Features for Lite service include:

  • Updates to the dashboard to display whether a site is Lite or Standard, along with differential labeling for device errors
  • Updated the calculation of site status so that Lite sites’ devices do not count towards the status (except for the appliance)
  • Updates to key management to allow users to switch between Lite & Standard sites
  • Network scan is limited to once per 6 hours on Lite sites.
  • Lite sites do not have the ability to ConnectNinja to devices.
  • All devices on a Lite site will appear Gray, will not generate notifications and are not actively monitored.

Dealers are taking advantage of this new level of service by deploying Ihiji Invision to all of their clients, especially new project, warranty jobs, problematic installations and remote locations.  Dealers are also keeping spare inventory of Ihiji appliances on service vehicles so that they can quickly get more Invision appliances into the field especially since the Lite service does not impact their monthly Invision subscription fee.

We hope you like the new look and features.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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