Not to toot our own horn, but when it comes to remote technology management, we are kind of a big thing. 😉

Since 2009, we have been bringing award winning tools to enable integrators to monitor, diagnose and resolve client device issues. We know for a lot of  integrators out there, remote support of a piece of hardware in the field, is still a bit foreign. Not to worry, Ihiji has you covered with a number of options to enhance your knowledge in RMR and services. As the developer of the first tool on the market used by integrators to remotely support their clients gear, we are used to having to help educate an audience of professionals who’ve built a career of expertise in other areas, not remote technology management. That is perfectly fine, because over the years we have built out a team of industry and technology experts in all of the areas that you will need to understand if you want to start adding services to your client offerings. As you can see from the recap at the CEDIA Expo, we don’t mind passing it around.

If we didn’t get the opportunity to connect at CEDIA or if any of your technicians need to get up to speed on remote technology management, or running your services business, take a look the different ways we can help.

CEDIA training session recap

The courses offered at CEDIA Expo were a great success for Ihiji with co-founders Mike Maniscalco and Stuart Rench delivering some official and some of our own manufacturer training sessions.CEDIA training volunteer

Topics included how to set up an RMR services business, how to use Ihiji Invision, best practices for selling services using Ihiji ServiceManager as well as a couple of other hands-on labs. You can get more of these kinds of sessions by signing up for our monthly webcasts.
Pick up the knowledge from the knowledge leader and then commit to your business to make 2016 the year you add highly profitable services to your clients.

Here are some ways you can educate yourself and your team about remote technology management and on running an RMR services business. The high touch engagements are listed first, but all of these options are designed to help you to get the most out of all Ihiji solutions.

One-on-One Best Practices Engagement (high touch)

We have some industry veterans here at Ihiji who can talk to both sides of the picture from the integrator’s perspective and from the technology side too. These consulting engagements feature an extended visit by one of our best practices leads. They will work with you and your team on setting up services, getting them worked into your operations, properly setting up remote management, changing business practices to improve adoption and a lot more. If you are serious about making Ihiji knows technology managementservices an important and profitable part of your business in 2016, work with your account manager to book one of these engagements today.

RMR and remote technology management Masterclass

This is a 6 week program which features small groups of integrators working with our expert over phone conferences and online. The goal is to teach best practices as well as the proper method for setting up an RMR service for your clients. You will leave the session with new sites set up along with all the know-how to make the shift to include services in your business.

Ihiji Monthly Webcasts and podcasts

webcasts-ihiji-remote managementEvery month, Ihiji holds a series of webcasts led by our experts on topics including recurring monthly revenue, using Ihiji Invision, beginner, intermediate and advanced networking. We also partner with other manufacturers and dealers for industry panels and discussions. Have a look at our webcasts page on our site and register for the next session.

Account Manager On-boarding

CEDIA-Tom Ihiji

Account Manager, Tom Linehan engaging Ihiji dealers at CEDIA Expo

We understand that setting up your remote technology services business correctly takes some time and commitment on the integrator’s part to gain the most for their business. We want to help by taking the time to walk new Ihiji dealers through an on-boarding and setup process to set them on the right track. Our Account Managers are experts in helping dealers to gain the most out of using Ihiji Invision including the necessary “hand-holding” to make dealers feel comfortable in going forward with remote services.

Ihiji Invision Technical Video Training

Training-Ihiji-Invision-remoteOur lead support technician, Nathan Olson will walk you through the setup process for your Ihiji appliance and Ihiji Invision cloud portal. After watching just the first 5 short (1-5 min) videos, your technicians will have the knowledge to set up and create best practices around using Invision for your remote technology services solution.


Ihiji Knowledgebase

We want you to be successful and we do listen to what you have to say. This is a traditional knowledgebase which includes articles, tips and fixes to your most common problems. Give us feedback on what is working and what else you would like to see with our new features request. You can also access our training videos from here as well. Login access for customers only.

The Ihiji BLOGremote-networking-devices-blog

Don’t call it a rant, it is a repository of AV, automation, security and device management industry posts, best practices, tips, fun stuff about beer and food and other notable compelling Ihiji events and developments. This is a great place to check each week to see how you may adopt new practices which will gain your business the most traction around services and RMR.

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