Using the custom Crestron module that ihiji has developed, dealers can monitor any 2-way RS-232 device, IP, Zigbee or Cresnet device within the ihiji invision application. The Crestron processor acts as a proxy between the invision appliance, that lives on the network, and the legacy device that lives behind the processor. This custom SIMPL module does not rely on SNMP communications, which are very limited on what information they can provide and can place an undue burden on the Crestron processor.

Using this method the dealer can configure any number of devices behind the Crestron processor to send values to the invision system. Within the invision system the dealer then configures the parameters for notification and the proper contacts. When a value is returned outside of that parameter range a notification is sent to the dealer. Parameters can be in Analog, Digital, or Serial form.

The benefits of this method include:

• Simplicity of programming the ihiji Crestron module

• Ability to manage all contacts and parameters through invision’s easy to use web interface

• Central point of configuration and reporting

• Network Operations Center view of all client sites.

Examples of devices monitored in this manner are:

• RS-232 projectors (Runco, for example, doesn’t currently support IP communications)

• Zigbee remotes or thermostats

• Crestron lighting keypads

• Crestron lighting control modules

• Generators controlled through the Crestron system (Kohler, Briggs, Generac)

• RS-232 amplifiers or Crestron amplifiers that can report internal states and temperatures

• Jandy status

Other creative monitoring applications that dealers have implemented include HVAC, remote temperature sensors through an HAI alarm system, contact closures for rack access alerts, and any other information you can request from a Crestron connected device.

ihiji invision is the only cloud based remote monitoring solution that currently offers this full featured functionality using the Crestron processor. Any dealer who would like more information can contact ihiji at 512.538.0520 or

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