ihiji invision was engineered to support monitoring of any two-way device utilizing a control system to act as the middle man in the communications. Our management team sees this as a temporary solution and is eagerly awaiting widespread adoption of IP enabled home automation and entertainment devices. ihiji is actively working with manufacturers large and small to ensure that when they do equip their devices with an Ethernet port that they provide necessary and relevant information for our system to utilize.

At CEDIA Expo 2009 we found that more and more manufacturers are migrating towards IP and we wanted to share some of these devices that we found.

A variety of manufacturers were displaying wifi touch panels and remote controls including




Blue Bolt has IP support

PS Audio

PDU and UPS devices have integrated web server


Home Theater Receivers


Home Theater Receivers

Blu-ray players – the Blu-ray 2.0 standard requires that the device have an Ethernet port for interactive content

Majority of the new flat-panel displays now ship with Ethernet ports for web-based content delivery

Digital Projection

Now has an Ethernet port on all projectors

If you are a dealer and would like your manufacturer to support IP communications please let your reps and contacts at those companies know that you support this move. If you are a manufacturer and would like to ensure that your Ethernet enabled devices support the data and control that your dealers expect please contact us today. ihiji is assisting our dealers and manufacturer partners in the convergence of the audio/video and IT technologies to allow us all to be successful.

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