How to Make Remote Network Management Work for You

Selling a monthly service like remote network management is not always easy. But the beautiful thing about Ihiji network monitoring software is that integrators and tech professionals get to decide for themselves how to incorporate the price of Ihiji remote network management services into their business models.

In this case study we travel to Oklahoma City, where an AV integration firm is doing network monitoring a little differently. To streamline business and preserve precious manpower, this firm looked to Ihiji to save time and money. When it began to sell client care plans, however, the push back was significant. But, all was not lost. The company simply adjusted its approach to front load the cost of offering remote network management services instead of selling a monthly plan. “We’re making the same amount of money, but now we’re making it up front,” says the general manager.

Ihiji Network Monitoring Software Presents Upgrade Opps

Inventively, this AV firm went back to 20 or 30 of its existing clients—ones who had experienced issues—and offered them its new monitoring package as part of an overall system upgrade. These programs—whether upgrades or new clients—are important because they not only add to the bottom line by drastically reducing the amount of truck rolls, they also produce happier, long-term clients. With this model, even if a client does need to call to report a problem, he or she has the assurance that no matter what the issue is, it can oftentimes be handled remotely or with a mere phone call.

“Now, about 80 or 90 percent of our service calls can be taken care of without having to roll a truck,” boasts the general manager. Busywork has been significantly reduced as has associated overhead. Think about it. Wouldn’t your time be better spent growing your company and securing new business?

Read more about remote network management and how this dynamic AV integration firm adjusted its offering to take advantage of the service, not its clients. Take a look at the Case Study.

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