The ihiji invision solution is the industry’s leading remote monitoring tool, providing you with real time notifications when problems occur. At CEDIA Expo we introduced a new feature that allows our dealers to take the next step in remote support. The new features allow you to perform remote actions, such as reboots, from directly within the ihiji interface. What this allows you to do is quickly and conveniently perform troubleshooting on your clients site when the system detects problems. The reboots can be performed via software (soft reboots) or through an IP based power product (hard reboots).

The invision power product integration brings cloud based control to almost any IP based power product.

There are several inexpensive IP based power products that start at as little $100 but the invision product also integrates with the most advanced IP power products on the market. This allows you to remotely reboot simple devices such as cable boxes or control entire rack installations for easy remote first tier tech support. Currently supported manufacturers include APC, Furman, iBoot, MinuteMan, Panamax, PS Audio and Tripp Lite.

Just this month we introduced a very simple interface for connecting the devices on the system to the power products. This drag and drop manner saves you the trouble of having to remember what power device and what bank or outlet a device is plugged into so that directly from the device in the invision interface you can simply click the power cycle button and it automatically happens.

The end benefit of the new features is that they further reduces the need to send a technician on an expensive truck role for simple reboots. This results in less time on the road, less time on the job, better client satisfaction, and true cost savings. At the end of the day your service department becomes more efficient and profitable.

If you are interested in learning more contact us at 512.538.0520 or to get a full invision webinar demonstration.

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