The Use of IoT Devices is Increasing

A Forbes article by Louis Columbus highlights some statistics are going to significantly changing the manufacturing business. The article highlights that the majority of manufacturers have not only implemented or plan to implement Internet of Things (IoT) devices, but plan to use an increased amount of these devices. This majority of manufacturers also believe that the increased implementation of IoT devices will improve product quality, a primary goal shared amongst them. Among these manufacturers, 71% agree that IoT devices will have a significant impact on their business within the coming 5 years.

Further, a recent presentation by Parks Associates cites even more support challenges from this rapidly growing IoT space. Their researModelHomeNetworkch indicates that, 

Roughly 50% of those owning smart home devices experience problems with at least one device on a monthly basis.

The increased amount of IoT devices brings on the need for a more effective way to maintain and support them so that they may perform at maximum capacity with little technical interruptions. You could send out a support truck to provide on-site support, but the more devices you install, the more potential there is for technical problems to occur. More problems calls for more trucks to be sent out to fix them, and more trucks sent out means more money that is spent on paying the technician, paying for gas for the vehicle and the possibility of dissatisfaction of clients on wait times for technicians to come to their home along with the general inconvenience these problems cause.

This is Where Ihiji Fits Perfectly

Our product, Ihiji Invision enables you to create your own Service Operations Center (SOC) delivering the capacity to remotely monitor all of these new IoT devices as they come on line. Keep in mind that, even if the source of a network issue is not related to a device you installed, the chances are good that if you put in the network, the client will be calling you for support. We cut out the hassle of sending a truck to perform on-site service, while at the same time providing you with a source of RMR. Using our SaaS solution, coupled with an on-site appliance you will receive alerts that inform you of when a client’s device isn’t functioning or has reached certain thresholds in the device such as temperature or voltage spikes. At this point, you can diagnose the problem and isolate it to a specific device. In many cases, you can also reboot, power cycle or adjust settings in the device in question and solve the problem with no truck rolls.  If you want to amp-up your service even further, you can even monitor for low printer toner and either notify the client or mail them out a new cartridge just in time for when they need it.

The gist of the story is that the volume of devices which will connect to the same network that the devices you install are connected to is skyrocketing. These devices are inevitably going to cause support issues with your clients. The result is that you will be taking more phone calls and will have to roll more trucks and technicians if you do not put a remote support plan in place now.

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