A little over 2 years ago our very own Mike Maniscalco published a blog post highlighting an article he found from Network World (a known, and longstanding tech blog) which talked about the growing trend in the hacker community to target vulnerable home automation systems. The article he was talking about can be found here.

While technologies have improved and grown since then, so has user complacency with their increased reliance on Internet of Things devices. Network World has recently published a new article this year discussing the same topic and how end users can take further steps to protect themselves. The unfortunate downside to integrating tech more and more into our daily lives means we sometimes forget that these devices are all things that can be accessed by other users not just ourselves. The article points out users not taking basic precautions for their devices (such as not changing the default factory setting passcode) leaving their networks and smart homes highly vulnerable to even the most menial of hacking attempts.

We recommend any savy smart home user to check out the articles mentioned above, to better learn about the possible existing vulnerabilities in your own smarthome network and how to protect your home and family better.

Hacking and attacking automated homes (2013) By: Ms. Smith

Smart home hacking is easier than you think (2015) By: Colin Neagle

There may be existing vulnerabilities in your home network

There may be existing vulnerabilities in your home network

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