Say Hello to Provue!

Ihiji ProVue is the union of Ihiji’s two award-winning products, Invision and ServiceManager, focusing on a powerful yet intuitive solution for lifelong customer service and support of smart home and connected devices. Ihiji ProVue allows technology professionals to remotely monitor, manage and support client’s technology in a completely refreshed and reimagined user experience. Everything a home technology professional loves about Ihiji Invision is “re-invisioned” in the ProVue interface through a total redesign. This redesign greatly simplifies setup and management without sacrificing the power that Ihiji’s solutions are known to provide.

Improved Setup, Configuration, and Device Detection

Ihiji’s relationships with the industry’s leading manufacturers allows for improved discovery and visibility, giving dealers freedom to choose best-in-class equipment. Taking advantage of these relationships with the Ihiji Vendor Insights Program (VIP), Ihiji works with these partners to implement Ihiji’s industry leading management and monitoring Device Visibility Protocol (DVP).

Ihiji’s improved device detection algorithms have been perfected using billions of data points collected over seven years. Combined with a reinvented user experience and Ihiji’s DVP, Ihiji enables powerful remote visibility and access with almost no setup time. The auto-dection provides information on connected devices, such as manufacturer, model number, and physical location to begin to auto-configure the remote management features within Ihiji ProVue. This discovery greatly improves accuracy but most importantly greatly reduces setup time for technology professionals.

A Re-Imagined User Experience

Ihiji ProVue is a complete redesign and union of Ihiji’s award-winning products, Invision and ServiceManager. ProVue features a new rich web application, mobile app and consumer facing app for remote service and support. The new interface simplifies setup without sacrificing the power that Ihiji’s solutions are known to provide.

Ihiji ProVue focuses on simplifying the setup and maintenance of remote systems management, while delivering powerful results. The user experience is clean and intuitive, creating a simplified setup and site design, while the back-end functionality leverages Ihiji’s vast data set for unmatched auto-device detection and intelligent device profiling.

Deeper Device Visibility

Unlike RSM tools tied to a particular vendor ecosystem, Ihiji gives custom integrators the freedom to do what they do best – create custom solutions by integrating best-in-class equipment. Using Ihiji ProVue, custom integrators can remotely monitor and manage all equipment, regardless of manufacturer, from one simple and powerful platform. Ihiji’s VIP partnerships and Device Visibility Protocol boost the third-party device ecosystem with richer monitoring and control capabilities.

In an age of constant streaming, network performance is key to delivering a world-class customer experience. Combined with the Ihiji APP-750 remote systems management appliance, ProVue can support large, diverse and complex systems with the power to test Local Area Network (LAN) and blazing fast Gigabit internet service performance.

Client Information at Your Finger Tips

Ihiji provides the professional features, professional integrations and professional support required by the professional home technology integrator. Ihiji ProVue also includes client information and system documentation that allows integrators to manage lifetime customer relationships. ProVue Mobile allows technicians increased accessibility and flexibility by allowing configuration and remote power reboots from any location. HomeVue allows clients to get real-time system status and the ability to reboot troublesome devices.