Monitor Network Performance Remotely

It isn’t every day that we decide to put a limited time price out there for the whole Ihiji remote management solution, but we figured it was about time.

Get into Ihiji Invision, get your Ihiji appliance and get some assistance setting it all up for only $1,049. That is $100 less than it was last week or what it will be after next Tuesday, it is worth taking advantage of.

Make your business a better business

We interact with technology integration professionals every week who tell us they’ve been able to generate profit for their business in both possible ways. Connecting ihiji to all of their client’s networks saves them real operational costs and it is also allowing them to generate sustainable monthly revenue.

When integrators of the Internet of Things can reduce the number of truck rolls they make every month, they put the money they didn’t have to spend, back into their business. Further, when they are able to charge a monthly fee to help their clients to keep their networks from going down, along with all the devices attached to it, that’s just good business.

This is the Time to Own the Network

If you have been on the fence about whether the ihiji solution can help to improve your customer experience and put money to your bottom line, this is a great opportunity to try it out. In addition to the award winning ihiji Invision cloud-based portal and the ihiji network monitoring appliance, you are also going to get some extra attention to helping to get it deployed. This bundle is our standard dealer package, but the price of $1,049 is being offered only through March 31, 2015.

Read more about the ihiji remote network management package and get a live demonstration of what it can do for you.


Ihiji Remote Network Management Device

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