ihiji was recently highlighted in a Residential Systems article on CEDIA University and how manufacturers are helping further educate dealers to enable them to be as successful as possible in the future. Here’s an exceprt from the article, full details can be found on Residential Systems website.

T is an initiative embraced by companies such as Access Networks and ihiji that are actively engaged in the curriculum to be delivered at CEDIA EXPO next month. “CEDIA continues to look to manufacturers and service providers for these seminars, because we’re the subject matter experts that live and breathe this technology everyday,” Access Networks CEO and founder Hagai Feiner said. “At Access Networks, we’ve deployed networks in just about every automated environment, so we can share not only our knowledge of the underlying technology, but also our experience in the field.”

Despite his tech credentials, ihiji VP of technical operations Mike Maniscalco was even called upon to teach a more business-centric class on selling service contracts. He said that he believes manufacturers have a broader experience pool from which to draw, making them good instructors. “We work with a large number of industry contacts, representatives, other manufacturers, consultants, and dealers across the country,” he explained.

“This means we’re in a good position to notice trends overtaking the industry—trends that a single dealer is going to have a much harder time tracking.

Mike Maniscalco, V.P. of Product

“This wider experience base also means we’re often in a position to notice issues that are effecting multiple dealers in ways that they may not notice right away. These are issues that aren’t directly related to individual products or processes, but that have a direct impact on overall dealer success and growth.”

Maniscalco also pointed out that even though manufacturers benefit from a certain “narrowness of expertise” that’s useful to CEDIA University, the onus is still on CEDIA to serve as the gatekeeper and quality control agent to maintain the integrity of its courses. “CEDIA reviews each session’s content for brand mention, checks for accuracy prior to course delivery, requires instructors to sign a code of ethics, and follows up with a post-session internal review process and co-manufacturer attendance to ensure the appropriate interests are always served.”


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