An Ihiji Rookie’s Guide To The First 10 Yards!

This is the first part of ihiji’s new Dealer Playbook, a resource kit that will help you roll out remote monitoring and support to your company and clients.

Here are a few successful approaches to use when deploying ihiji’s invision to the first 5-10 customers:

  1. Approach a few friendly clients

  2. Install in problem installations

  3. Simply include it on newer installations that are under warranty

From a customer service, scheduling and financial standpoint, any of these scenarios provide an opportunity for dealers to immediately benefit from remote monitoring and support.

Our recommendation is that you start remote monitoring and support with a limited number of critical devices. This approach helps you and your customers get comfortable with the way the system works, helps you keep the initial cost down, and most importantly ensures that the most critical equipment is monitored. By simply installing the ihiji appliance you are automatically providing valuable internet monitoring out of the box which allows you to quickly identify ISP connection or installation problems.

When you are able to better monitor and control the core of the system, the entire stability and performance is enhanced. Here is a quick list of the core critical devices that ihiji recommends dealers begin with.

Network Equipment:

Managed Switches
Wireless Access Points

Control System Devices:

IP Touch Panels
Control Processors

Power Devices:


Media Devices:

Request Servers
Kaleidescape Systems

As you become more familiar with the devices that frequently have problems you can slowly expand on this list. You’ll also find that as your customers become more comfortable with remote monitoring and support that they’ll begin to request monitoring of specific devices.

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