The Future is in Ultra High Definition

With the rising popularity of 4K Televisions, there has been greater demand for ultra high definition content. Currently, there are eleven 4K content providers, seven of which stream to their consumers. These seven companies including Netflix and Amazon Instant Video have seen the value of producing 4K content, releasing many of their new shows in Ultra High Definition 4K quality.

However, with technological advances comes technological problems. Take Netflix for example, with 40 million US subscribers watching 10 billion hours of Netflix a month, problems are bound to arise. With the advent of streamed 4K Netflix media, problems multiply several fold unless changes are made to the consumer’s network to ensure worry-free entertainment.

Pre-emptive Incident Recognition and Solutions

The average US household’s Internet Speed falls far below the minimum 25mbps recommended for UHD streaming services. What does that mean?

It means a lot of headache for an integrator. Customers must live in a location that supports extreme high speed broadband services. Also, it means that the local area network has to be modern enough to handle not only these streaming services but also the other data processes on the network.  Are your customers’ wifi systems up for the challenge? Unless integrators install high throughput hardware for their customers and oversee that the previous requirements are in place, consumers will be left angry and frustrated when they can’t stream the high quality content they paid for. 

That solves the present problems, but what about the future? With Ihiji Invision, you can monitor 91% of the hardware products linked to Netflix streaming problems and reboot many of the devices from the comfort of your office. No truck rolls. No complaints. No hassle.

Let your clients happily watch the latest season of Netflix’s Daredevil while your business remotely monitors their devices, solving streaming problems before they can start another show to binge.

With about 64% of 4K content being streamed*, do you feel safe leaving your customer’s satisfaction to chance? Take the worry out of 4K media, and use Ihiji Invision to ensure your peace of mind.


*This number was calculated by finding the fraction of streamed 4k content providers to the total 4k content providers.

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