As automation systems become more complex the problems and headaches associated with them become more common. The many pieces of equipment required for today’s complex automation systems and the many complexities of each part create hundreds of possible points of failure. Like a fine automobile, today’s automation and electronic systems require proper maintenance and upkeep to ensure that they are in top running condition. Neglecting the equipment can lead to costly failures and frustration.

A technology professional can offer its customers peace of mind by providing the regular and proper maintenance, upgrades, and tuning over the lifetime of the system. By keeping equipment up to date, clean, and properly calibrated the system will perform at its optimal level. In addition to properly servicing equipment, services such as vacation preparations and bi-annual inspections can be performed to ensure the little items including batteries and bad cables are detected and resolved.

The latest addition to a techology professional’s service portfolio is remote system management. ihiji’s solution, invision, brings a high-value service to dealers that allow them to approach new and existing clients with a groundbreaking system to accompany their service contracts. The invision system continuously monitors the parts and pieces, proactively detecting causes to potentially critical problems. This eliminates many issues before they lead to major outages, often times before a client knows there was any trouble at all. This proactive approach leads to better performing systems with extremely high uptime thus creating high levels of customer satisfaction. The ability to apprise the dealer of what to look for at the jobsite, or fix a problem remotely by the push of a button in their office, is a great leap forward.  Addionally, invision allows for ongoing remote management for every day support items like reboots or remote access.

Whether you are an integrator of electronics or an end-user of a cutting-edge automation system, a service contract offers plenty of advantages and an improvement of your experience. By combining ongoing maintenance with system monitoring a complex system can operate with minimal downtime and maximum performance. At the end of the day both the user and the integrator can rest assured that the system will respond as expected when the time calls.

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