Tired of Negotiating your ISP fees?

You know how you have to negotiate every month with your ISP on how much your bill should be based upon the actual upload and download speeds they deliver?

What? You don’t negotiate with your ISP to pay only for the bandwidth they actually delivered?

Well…neither do we. Or anyone for that matter.

You pay what you pay and get what you get

You are paying your ISP a flat rate every month based upon your contract. You might have a plan which includes up to 100 mbps download speeds, but this does not mean that you are getting 100 mbps all the time, every day. There are many times when you are getting a lot less bandwidth than what you are paying for.

The simple reality is that most customers of Internet service providers have absolutely no idea what kind of network speed they are actually receiving each month. The ISP can easily get away with this if they choose (see AT&T’s throttling case) because they are aware that most home and even business owners have no idea how to speed check their ISP.

Check your clients WAN speed for them – for freedropped-download-isp-speed

Your clients probably have better things to do than to have to check a few times a day over the month to make sure they are getting the Internet speed they are paying for. That means you have a great opportunity. As the technology integrator, this is a great way to introduce remote network management as a service to your clients. Simply by connecting an Ihiji appliance to each client’s network, you will gain access to the Ihiji WAN speed test feature in the Invision portal without an annual fee. That means that for just the price of an appliance, you can keep an eye on the download bandwidth of any of your connected clients. This feature does not require the Invision annual subscription to access, but it will be something which is highly valuable to clients. Some of our dealers offer this to clients for free as a way to start a new conversation about their services. Other integrators choose to mark this service up and charge them a monthly fee. Either way, the Ihiji Invision WAN speed test can help your clients to demand that they are getting what they are paying for from their ISP.


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