Sitting in traffic, waiting at a stoplight, driving to find parking, traveling and commuting to and from our daily errands takes a lot out of our day. There are always unexpected delays and unforeseeable events, so the 15 minute trips we promise ourselves we’d make turn out to be 40 minutes long. Sending out truck rolls for your business for what should be a 30 minute job could take a lot longer due to tedious travel routes. Wouldn’t it be nicer if you could do the job without the messy in-between process?

That’s an issue we’ve been working with here at ihiji. That’s why we’re so excited to welcome the ConnectNinja to the ihiji family! With Cisco’s OnPlus systems ending their services, we’re stepping up to the plate to give managed service providers and technology integrators what they want! With the addition of our newest invision feature to the team, we now offer our clients so much more. The ConnectNinja, part of our trouble-shooting, crime-fighting NetNinja team, offers integrators the ability to access, troubleshoot and configure their devices remotely through the ihiji invision portal. No more truck rolls, or multiple on-site visits, we’re bringing network access to you! Through simple and secure remote tunneling, the ConnectNinja also provides a safe connection to your devices and networks. We’ve gone on and on about the dangers of port-forwarding, and so we’ve created the ConnectNinja to forgo it along with VPNs for every minor issue.

Through bypassing device firewalls, we can give you direct access to client devices from a single secure cloud connection.

We’re looking to give our users the simplest ways to manage and monitor their networks. Why spend your time and money on travel when you can do it all at your convenience from your office, home, or even mobile device? The ConnectNinja helps you revolutionize your business by saving you trouble and giving you the resources to proactively keep your customers happy. Ihiji invision’s zero maintenance, cloud-based solution also means that you won’t have to go through the effort of updating your systems – just login to your dashboard and the ConnectNinja is available at no additional cost! As we add more and more features to our ever-expanding family of NetNinjas, there are only better things to come for the future of remote network management.

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