The consumer of the future will be looking for services that solve real business problems.

The day I’m writing this marks the launch of the iPhone 6.

That is right, S-I-X. Almost like we batted an eye and we went from this new concept of an iPhone to a now ubiquitous product that has defined the category of smart device.

What fewer people are talking about when it comes to the latest iPhone is how Apple’s HomeKit allows the phone to instantly be turned into a control device for the garage, theater, security system and more.

This is where everyone says, “We aren’t in the ‘home’ business.” I’ll acquiesce, but you own or live in a home, right? And those of you that use the technology to control your devices at home work for and run businesses, right? So you can see how this small innovation might bleed into our commercial integration practice.

This change marks just one of many, but it so elegantly brings together four trends that are reinventing our businesses — social, mobile, big data and cloud — and it is empowering us to communicate, control and coordinate our time, assets and collaboration differently.

The Mistake: Okay, let’s get to how this ties into recurring revenue. Bottom line, the future of the integration business is in services; and not one-time, big-ticket services, but recurring services. This is the impact of the cloud. We don’t need to buy bulky installed technology when we can have endless HD communication at our fingertips, and even in cases where it is the shrinking trend, not the growing one.

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Article Published By Daniel L. Newman of Commercial Integrator, October 10, 2014

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