The truth of the matter is, a lot of businesses have learned to work with the daily complications, angry customers, and unexpected costs that come with servicing clients. Many simply don’t have the time or resources to fix these common occurrences. While you can always attempt to hire more help and spend additional time and money to resolve these issues, ihiji has a different idea for you to consider.

Here at ihiji, it has always been about simplification. We don’t believe in letting the accidents happen and trying to control the damage afterwards. Our network management system is based on our desire to help you act proactively by fixing the problems before the angry customer calls. Cloud-based, remotely accessible and zero maintenance, ihiji’s network management system invision aims to simplify your life by cutting down the complications.

But to really prove to you what we can do, we’ll cut to the chase and show you the facts and numbers. On average, technology integrators receive about 6 service calls a month which mean a total of 72 calls a year. Unfortunately, only 8% of those calls can be solved without having to roll out a truck. That’s 66 truck rolls in a year with each truck costing your business an average of $150. In total then, you may be spending a whopping $10,800 on truck rolls a year.

With invision’s monitoring capabilities, ihiji can help you eliminate 50% of your service calls. With the ability to detect and diagnose your clients’ problems remotely, you won’t need to spend money on trivial fixes such as rolling a truck to reset devices.

That’s great, you might think. But ihiji can offer more to you than simply cutting back your troubles. Our Client Care Plan can EARN you reliably recurring revenue as well. A completed packet of resources and templates to give dealers a step-by-step guide to selling service contracts, ihiji has done all the preparation for you to succeed. We’ve had more than 100 dealer conversations and invested over 500 hours of work to bring you 85 pages of resources that can earn you up to 8% more of your current installation revenue each year.

The average dealer makes about $495,000 a year from installations. With the Client Care Plan, a 3-year contract can earn you $188,080 of additional recurring revenue a year!

More revenue, less problems, that’s what we can do for you. Check out our infographic which highlights some of these numbers discussed in this article.

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