The benefits of a remote monitoring tools are obvious and include true cost savings, recurring revenue, increased reliability, and satisfied customers. With a growing number of remote monitoring alternatives available to integrators we wanted to take a few minutes to help you navigate the sea of solutions. Upon reading we hope you will better understand our approach and what makes ihiji as a company and our invision product truly unique.

ihiji invision was prototyped within an integration firm founded by the ihiji partners, in West Palm Beach, FL. When attempting to troubleshoot common network or internet connection problems they dusted off an old toolbox that they’d developed while previously supporting enterprise IT systems with Fortune-1000 companies. One of these tools included the ability to monitor enterprise grade networks in content provider, data center, and development environments to prevent downtime and high expenses due to outages. These tools were very complex but served the purpose of basic troubleshooting well. By using these monitoring systems their installation company’s reputation was saved many times and it established them as experts, providing a robust service that no others were offering.

This solution served them well and AV technology quickly evolved as more devices included with Ethernet Ports. As home automation and electronics devices leveraged the home network the ihiji founders began to explore opportunities to roll our the monitoring solution as a value added service to more of their clients. Many commercial solutions available at the time were very complex and required an exorbitant amount of time, money, and expertise to configure and maintain. These solutions were all designed for enterprise IT environments, offering many advanced features that did not apply to residential systems. Additionally, enterprise environments are fairly static where manufacturers, models, and scopes did not change with every new job, which complicates the use in a residential setting.

Realizing that there was no solution to fit the market’s needs, ihiji’s founders decided to develop a product for residential integrators, by residential integrators, that would address some of these challenges.

The number one goal was to create a system that was as simple to use as possible, in fact, ihiji’s dealers have said that configuring the invision system is as simple as booking a hotel room online. Beyond simplicity in the user interface the invision tool is very robust, with custom modules and manufacturer integration that no other monitoring solution available can provide.

The invision solution underwent a complete redesign, development, and architecture shift to allow for secure monitoring across multiple client sites. ihiji now has complete control over all source code and is not dependent on any third party solutions who may chose to change direction with their product – think Apple and how control manufacturers are at the mercy of their upgrades and product changes. This has allowed the company to develop relationships with leading industry manufacturers to develop custom monitoring modules and allow for them to easily integrate with others. They also have the ability to add or alter features quickly, many requests by ihiji’s dealers have been programmed and released within two weeks.

ihiji chose to develop around a cloud-based architecture, meaning all configuration, management, and monitoring is done through a single web portal which is hosted by ihiji. This provides a convenient point of access and a dashboard view of all client installations. The centralized portal can be used for monitoring, reporting, troubleshooting, and documentation. The cloud-based architecture do not require dealers to incur the high expense of an in-office server, rely on internal servers or internet connections (ihiji’s systems are hosted and redundant), upgrade the ihiji invision system manually (all upgrades automatic), or suffer through the headache of keeping up with software patches.

These factors create a tool that truly stands out above the rest. In field demonstrations, it has been unchallenged that no other solution rivals the tool that the ihiji team has developed. invision delivers the right combination of features and benefits, built specifically for the channel, that cannot be found in any other solution on the market today. It is simple to use yet robust enough for the most technical of installations.

We encourage you to see for yourself how ihiji invision can increase profitability, increase client satisfaction, and make your life easier – then answer for yourself “What makes ihiji invision different?”.

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