Many of you have asked recently where you should start when it comes to managing your installations with ihiji. On a recent trip I had some time to spend with a forward thinking CEDIA Integrator who also happens to be a new ihiji dealer. This integrator sees the future and realizes that his business’s success revolves around the network and his ability maximize revenues from design, installation and service labor. One of his questions regarding remote monitoring and support services was very similar, “what are the top items I should focus on when I start to deploy the ihiji invision solution?” This is a such a good questions that I was surprised I hadn’t written a blog post on it – so here are some tips to help you get rolling!

Taking on a new service such as ihiji, much less a change in your support model, can be daunting for any integrator. However, I’m a firm believer in starting immediately, even if it isn’t perfect, and then iterating and improving over time. One of our industry partners like to refer to this as “stopping the bleeding” which is alluding to the fact that many dealers are losing thousands of dollars on service calls, especially warranty support. Many dealers really need to focus on improving the core aspects of their service departments first – the Network (Own It), the core control processors and simple remote reboot capabilities.

I’m not going to preach about why you should Own the Network, I’ve written plenty about this in previous posts and CEDIA has even adopted the slogan “Own The Network, Own The Home” for CEDIA Expo 2012. What I do want to highlight is how ihiji can help you own the network and see immediate benefits from invision. By focusing on the core network, which is the backbone of today’s connected systems, you can not only reduce one of your top service issues reduce but also the most catastrophic outages that a system can experience. This would include detecting something as simple as an internet outage, to a device that has fallen offline, a bad wifi connection, bad wire or even bad network configuration. Get this under control and you’ve easily improved the efficiency of your client systems while reducing the headaches associated with blindly troubleshooting these problems when they occur.

Once we have the network, the communication and content delivery platform, under our control we want to get the brain of the system under better management.

Ihiji has the ability to monitor many of the control processors in use today to detect outages, memory overage, processor overage and even do a soft reboot should they simply start acting erratically.

If the processor is slow, the lighting system lags, the touchpanels aren’t responsive and the client claims “nothing works” a simple reboot often solves these problems. You can even chose to include the wired or wireless touch panels, many of which support the same functionality within invision. This is a common and easy problem for you to better control and ihiji invision helps you do that in a simple and cost-effective manner.

The last piece of this puzzle is eliminating truck rolls for simple reboots. Once again, I’m not going to get on a soap box and shout why this is imperative – the ihiji blog and numerous industry articles we’ve written already do that. It’s simple, rolling trucks to reboot a cable box, satellite receiver, DVR, camera, router or processor is the worst thing you could possibly have your technicians spending their time doing. ihiji allows you to perform software only reboots of many control processors, touchpanels and DirecTV receivers. We also integrate with most of the industry leading IP power products to allow you to reboot devices without managing or logging into other systems once you have isolate the problematic device. Simply click reboot on your mobile phone and don’t’ worry about VPN, User Names, Outlet Labels or Special Software. This can save you significant time, money and, most importantly, headaches.

By focusing on these three aspects you’re effectively taking control of the “core” of your systems. Doing this allows you to take control of your installations, reduce troubleshooting time and make your operations more efficient. This alone makes ihiji invision a powerful tool for any and all installations, instantly saving you money. If you were t simply deploy on all of your installations under warranty you’re #winning . Once you’ve mastered this you can begin to explore the other features and benefits of invision and as the world around us becomes more connected and intelligent, you’ll have the infrastructure in place to capitalize further. Just remember, the longer you wait, the more you lose and the more likely someone else will come in and snatch the carpet from right under your feet. We’re here to help you stop that bleeding.

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