Snow storm has frozen your support

After the latest snow storm, you might have to upgrade your AV service van to one with treads. If you plan to deliver on-site support to your clientservice-van-gas-costss come what may, you’d better have a better plan.  The fact of the matter is that in addition to the hard costs of filling the van’s gas tank or sitting still in traffic, you not being able to get to a client’s house for more than a couple of days because of a big snow or ice storm represents a very big hit. You not only miss the opportunity to delight your clients with excellent service, you may also be missing out on a profitable trip charge.

The best answer to making certain that you can meet your client’s support needs is to deploy remote management tools on every single job, even those with just a few networked devices. Not only will you get alerted when there is trouble on a remote client site, you can also diagnose the trouble and in many cases, resolve the issue. That gets your client back up and online even when the roads won’t let your service vans roll.

Offer a pre-storm check

Many integrators in resort areas have a pre-visit check to make sure that when the owner shows up to their vacation home, everything just works. Historically, this required a visit to the site to make sure all gear is functioning as expected. Did you know that using remote tools, you can accomplish the same kind of pre-check without rolling a truck?

service_van_in_trafficFor that matter, you could also offer a “Pre-Storm Check”. When there is a chance that the roads could be obstructed for some reason over the next few days, it would be a great value-add to clients if you were able to address issues before they even happen. When a truck roll is going to be unavoidable to resolve the issue you’ve identified, getting it scheduled before the bad weather shows your client that you are committed to a much higher level of care.


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