remote management of IP-enabled devices

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how it works

You integrate the latest IP-enabled devices into the modern commercial or residential network. We give you the tools to monitor and manage it all.

Connect the Ihiji appliance to the network router. You now have a highly secure connection with your client's network.

Quickly identify every device on the network from anywhere. Discover important status and behavior information on any device with an IP address.

Select which IP devices you wish to manage. Receive configurable alerts when device status changes.

Securely access devices without VPN or port forwarding from anywhere in the world. Access logs can be used for security audits or client billing.

how we help your business

We help integrators of the 'Internet of Things' to manage all client networks and IP devices without rolling a truck.


Ihiji is the foundation of your service operations center. Your technicians can remotely monitor the status of all of your clients’ networks and IP devices.  The customized dashboard shows all Ihiji connected networks you are managing. Red, yellow or green status indicators make it simple.

Proactive Alerts

Receive an email, an SMS text or even create a connection with your call ticket system. Specify which network and device errors will prompt your technicians to receive an immediate alert: Identify issues even before your customer notices a problem.

Diagnose Issues From Your Browser

You take a support call from one of your clients who is complaining that their movie streaming service keeps buffering and pausing. Would you know the source of the problem while on the phone with them? Is it networking hardware, any one of the many IP-enabled devices or maybe it is a problem with the ISP?

Secure remote access lets you troubleshoot with the customer over the phone so you can know exactly what is causing the problem. You just saved a truck roll. Even when a truck roll is unavoidable, you will know ahead of time exactly which Tech and which parts to send and how long the service will take.

Reboot. Reconfigure. Resolve.

When you connect Ihiji, you can monitor anything on the network with an IP address. For many of these devices, Ihiji will also let you tunnel into each of the device manufacturer’s control panel or portal. You can reboot a device, power cycle specific ports and reconfigure specific device settings. User access to all of the many devices you are managing can now be handled through a single user login. This is a great user management practice, especially if you have multiple technicians with login credentials.


Secure & Simple Remote Network Access

Manage All Clients, All Networks, All Devices

Know the complete status of all client networks and devices. No matter where they are and no matter where you are.

Your Network Operations Center

Technology integrators who are responsible for managing numerous client installs use Ihiji as the foundation for their cross-client NOC. Keep your Ihiji site installation map up next to your ticket and scheduling systems.

Run a Speed Test

Network latency can be one of the main reasons for IP device performance issues. Running a regular WAN performance test can help to troubleshoot network issues without going on site. This will also help to identify issues which originate at the ISP.

Detect All IP Devices on the Network

Automatically detect all IP-enabled devices which are attached to the network. Once all devices have been discovered, you can identify, name and group them by their IP address. A remote networking best practices for helping to keep larger networks more manageable.

Select the Devices to Manage

Integrators may choose to manage only the devices they installed. Given the complexity of network and device issues which could arise, other integrators choose to monitor all devices on the network, whether they installed them or not. This helps to significantly decrease the time and increase the accuracy of the remote troubleshooting process.

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Ihiji sells to technology integrators who are building the Internet of Things. If you design and install automation, audio-visual or security systems, include Ihiji on every project and save your trucks rolls.

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Connect Ihiji and reduce your customer support costs

  • Reduce the number of truck rolls
  • Monitor sites remotely
  • Centralize service operations
  • Keep Technicians focused
  • Send the right parts on service calls
  • Better estimate your time on site
Recurring Revenue

Create Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) with a Remote Managed Services Plan

  • Complexity of IoT warrants commercial grade network management tools
  • Improve client satisfaction while building RMR for your business
  • Managed services deliver proactive support and ensure system reliability
  • Ihiji provides award winning tools and templates to make you successful
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Can you afford not to use ihiji invision?

Today’s systems are more complex than ever.  The Ihiji low-cost remote network management solution ensures that you don’t waste valuable time and money troubleshooting and supporting problems that can be resolved more efficiently and cost-effectively through your browser

Ihiji Network Appliance
The secure Ihiji remote network management solution requires that a low-cost hardware appliance be purchased and connected to each of your client networks in order to gain access to the remote management services.   The ihiji appliance replaces the need to install expensive servers at each client site.

Ihiji Invision Cloud Based Service
The Ihiji Invision portal is a subscription based service which is purchased for each of your client’s networks, giving you access to all of the remote network management functionality. You can have the power of this tool for less than the cost of a single truck roll.

Sales Best Practice
Simply include an appliance as part of your network package. Pricing for the service and setup will vary depending on the size and complexity of the network but start at a price point that is affordable for your average commercial-grade network deployment.

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